Gerald Ford's Funeral

He was a good man
Who led a good life
And who is survived
By his own good wife.

This is my merit badge given to me by our "Eagle Scout President."
I've never worn it, but I have kept it with some pride.  (Smile!)
When I can, I will include the certificate that accompanied it and that bears Gerald Ford's signature...
 January 2nd, 2001

 Any day that we must bury a past president is
 necessarily a sad day.

 Never elected, he nonetheless served admirably and I doubt that anyone ever regretted his

 Today I am watching his funeral and I am
 contemplating his life, his presidency and his

 At 93 years of age, he's led a good long life.  The  longest, I believe, of any US president!

 My condolences go forth to his remarkable wife, Betty Ford and all their sizable family. 
 To speak honestly, I envy them that wonderful family.  From the sober and successful father to his determined wife who fought her own demons in the form of breast cancer and drug addiction, to come away not only triumphant, but able to help others face those same demons in their own lives.

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