Good Bye, Steve Irwin!

My respects to "the Crocodile Hunter!"


Good bye, Steve Irwin!

Your cheery countenance and bubbly good nature has brightened many a living room as you entertained and educated us with your hands on style of showmanship.

Your respect for the natural world and love of the wild things that inhabit it was a powerful legacy to leave behind and I hope that it has helped to inspire similar feelings in the future biologists and conservationists whose first inspiration came from your shows. Those are necessary if we are to ever reverse the loss of natural habitat and the ever increasing list of species that have become extinct.

I'm sure that much of the world joins me when I say that you will be missed!

My condolences to the family that you left behind. I hope that they take some comfort in the fullness of the life that you lived and in the certain knowledge that you would not have willingly left them so early in life if you could have known that death could have come as unpredictably as it did.

You died doing what you loved and I think that none of us could ask for more.

Rest in Peace!

_________________>^. Karl Stuart Kline ~^<
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