Old Motorcycles

Bicycles and motorcycles as part of my life

Desert Rat... 

Born to be Wild!
Las Vegas desert rat back when there was only one saloon in town!  (The poet as a very young man! <GRIN!>)

That old motorcycle might just have glowed in the dark!  Those were the days when they were doing above ground atomic testing in the nevada desert just north of town... 

YES, we could feel the shock waves and see the mushroom clouds!  My sister still has the dogtags that the Army issued to her and other school children in the area.  Just in case...

About twenty years later I took this old Honda Dream and totally rebuilt it.  I temporarily had a Florida learner's permit that allowed me to drive a motorcycle without special limitations.  (Times have changed!)  Unfortunately, that license was rescinded because of my epilepsy and I couldn't get a driver's license until I was twenty seven years old. 

Oh, Well!  It was fun while it lasted!

After that, my main local transportation was my bicycle and I often rode as many as forty miles a day.  I joined the West Palm Beach Bicycle club and participated in their Marathon events at the old South Florida Fairgrounds Speedway, going over 200 miles in 24 hours one time!  Somebody else won the marathon, but I always considered it to be an accomplishment!

These are antique cycling pins that I collected while I had Karl's Kollectibles  (my antique shop...) The two on the right are 18 kt gold and come from the New York Bicycle Club.  The "'88" on the one is for 1888, so they're quite old.

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