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Russian Romance! 

About a year after losing Peggy, I began to realize that living in grief was not how she would have wanted me to carry on.  About the same time, I became friends with two exceptional Ukrainian artists (Sergey Poyarkov and Wolodymyr Ivanov) whose creativity and intelligence suggested to me the possibility of taking a bride from the former Soviet Empire. 

These pictures out line the story and I have truly found love again.  Even though Peggy is always in my heart, Marina has her own special place there and life is good again.  We will have our fifth anniversary this upcoming October!

It all started with a warm Russian welcome from a lovely lady!
Smart, too!  She was in charge of the accounting office for a
manufacturer whose product was distributed throughout Russia.


But there is a happy ending!  (She thought that we'd get married in blue jeans...) 
But there was a SURPRISE(!) waiting for her!

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