Brain Stemmed Roses -
New Cover!

April, 2006...

I've sent in my approval of my new cover for Brain Stemmed Roses!  I like it!

The photo on this page appears a little grainy...  The cover actually has a much finer finish to it and I am quite pleased with it! 
The Idea for the cover comes from my suggestion that it have the appearance of an old English pub sign with a silhouetted head in profile.  The brain stem then becomes the roses' stem and leads to a beautiful rose blooming in the space where the brain would have been.
I did not think to suggest that they use my profile, but they most definitely did!  I suppose that it makes perfect sense to do so, but I was surprised to see it!


They chose a cropped version of this picture for the author's portrait.  My publisher had asked that I submit several photos for them to choose from and this is an older one from when I spent eight years as the Bindery Foreman for Social Issues Resources Series (S.I.R.S. Inc.), A publisher in Boca Raton that supplies libraries around the world with readily accesible and regularly updated resource material on a wide range of social issues.  Just working there was an education!


(Smile!) The beard is back!  It's just not growing in as dark as it used to!

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