You know her curves
And her attitude demure...
She knows the swerves
Of your elegant coiffure


You know her curves
And her attitude demure...
She knows the swerves
Of your elegant coiffure!

You'll fly your flag
In the breeze it's catching,
She'll sing the anthem
(you don't mind her scratching!)

But you're a pair,
Accenting each other's
Panache and flair
While dissing one another

You're a bachelor
I think -
I really don't know
It's been a blur
As your wives come and go.

You're a young man
And she's a comely matron
With a kind word,
You'll rise to the occasion,

Letting her know
How much you really care,
Your feelings grow,
If you feel the need to share

It's not over,
There's still another chapter,
Made for each other,
Regaling us with laughter. 

  *     *     *     *     *     *

May 6, 2007
Yesterday’s mail brought me the new Time magazine (The May 14, 2007 issue...) and it has given me pause with the unexpected result is that my opinion of Donald Trump has risen a couple of notches!
This is the issue in which Time spotlights 100 of the most influential people in the world.
Scanning the list of names, I mentally noted the ones who I was familiar with and was curious about the many names that I was not familiar with, noticing in the process that Rosie O’Donnell was included, but Donald Trump was not.  Interesting in itself, but then he has probably been included in prior lists and to have them comparing their relative coverage might have done nothing more than fan the flames of their already famous feud.
Another interesting thing about this list is that much of the biographical material about each person has been written by some one with their own sphere of influence and perhaps some personal attachment with the person being discussed, including Joe Klein, Newt Gingrich, Katie Couric, Henry Kissinger, Condoleeza Rice, Melinda Gates and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Rosie O’ Donnell’s was written by Barbara Walters and includes some commentary on Rosie’s departure from her program, The View...

Just a thought, but if the Donald had been included in the list, it would have been interesting if he and Rosie had contributed each other’s biographical material... 
The words informative, incisive and inflammatory come to mind, but there’s enough of that on the media already...  I’d rather see each of them make an honest effort to see and express the positive traits that they each have in abundance.

So where does Donald Trump come into this and why has it affected my opinion of him?
You could miss it if you’re not looking for it...
Donald Trump authored an account of his meeting with Wesley Autrey, the construction worker who jumped in front of an oncoming subway train to save the life of a young man who was having a seizure and had fallen across the tracks, holding him down while the train passed over them, clearing them by scant inches...  Later, when asked what motivated him to do what he did, his response was simply that it had been the right thing to do.
I can understand that.  I might not always be right, but I always try to do what I do for the right reasons.
I’m also in the unusual position of being able to appreciate the circumstance of the young man who had fallen onto the tracks, being subject to seizures myself.  Not only that, I have a cousin who lost her husband who had a seizure alone, walking home at night and drowned face down in just a few inches of water.  I also had a friend who was subject to seizures and who also died in seizure when he had not been allowed to stay the night when he had visited his brother’s family...  He had slept in his car that night and had a seizure in his sleep, drowning in his own saliva when he was unable to turn in the bucket seats.  As a member and past president of a coalition of self help groups called Epilepsy Concern, I’ve shared experiences with many friends and acquaintances.
Even without having been acquainted with the young man who was so afflicted, I appreciate the fact that Mr. Autrey was willing to come to the aid of a stranger in need, risking his own life in the process.  It means even more to me, considering that I grew up in a time when many people equated neurological disabilities with mental diseases or demonic possession and prejudices were such that such a life might not have been considered to be worth saving.  On this day his humanity (and therefore mine!) was never in doubt as a fellow man tried to do the right thing.
Thank you, Donald Trump, for giving both these men the respect they deserve.
Karl Stuart Kline

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