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August 12, 2006...

It has been said that there is power in my poetry and there is no better place to see it than at  I started the first page on April 8th of this year and thus far I have had visitors from 66 countries and there are more every week!

In the past week I have had visitors from both Israel and Lebanon despite the warfare that has been overshadowing everything else in the region!

I expected to see visitors from the US, Canada and the UK.  Later perhaps I would see some from Ireland, Australia and New Zealand...  Yes, they've all come, but imagine my surprise when I see that I have had more visitors from Saudi Arabia than Ireland, Australia and New Zealand combined!

The mideast is also represented through Turkey, Qatar and the UAE.  It seems that I have also had a visitor from the wilder regions of western Pakistan.  I've had visitors from parts of the world where you would not expect to find many if any computers (Sudan is one...) and others that are an unexpected crossing of ethnic and cultural identities and even contrast with each other, such as Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. 

Those of you who have honored me with your consideration of my humble work do me unexpected honor of a kind that I would never receive otherwise. 

Thank you all and be welcome here. 

Karl Stuart Kline

New note...
(11/11/2006)  We're now at nearly eighty countries visiting the scared safe website and the number of visitors from Australia has finally caught up with and surpassed those from Saudi Arabia!

6/26/2007 now 103 countries and territories have visited my site (To put that in perspective, there are 192 member nations in the United Nations and something over 250 countries and territories overall.)

For a complete list, updated weekly, please visit the 7-7-7 page on my web site...


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