Working with others

Is irksome

When they don't bother

To work some!

We can't have a poet's site without poetry, can we?


The Celtic Queen is an excellent start since she is here with me any time I work in my den...   She's quite real!


The Celtic Queen


No pallid bust of pallas, but a bronzed Celtic Queen,

Her helm is on and her sword is drawn,

Her darkly bronzed skin shimmers with a metallic sheen.


A bearskin cape is loosely draped over her shoulders,

Exposing her chest and beautiful breasts,

Petulant breasts that hang like pendulous boulders.


Achilleos' art, rendered by an unknown sculptor,

Beautifully done, she is the one

Watching me as I write, like a keen eyed raptor.


She keeps company with the Angel on my shoulder...

If they approve or they are moved,

They can only share their feelings with each other.


Sometimes wakeful or writing what comes to me in my sleep,

With my scarred heart that's been torn apart,

I record tales that will make Angels and statues weep...


Karl Stuart Kline, 2003


As I said, this bronze bust is quite real.  When I found it, I wrote and sent photos to Christos Achilleos to ask where his signature might be found upon it.  I had recognized the image from his painting of the same name.  However, when he wrote back and we spoke by telephone, he told me that the sculpture was unauthorized and that he would like to know who the sculptor was...   Both because it was unauthorized reproduction of his painting and because he admired the quality of the work!  Anybody interested in seeing more of his work or even commissioning pieces can go to

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