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1968 - Free at last!

18 & "Clean for Gene"

On the road during the "Summer of Love!"


Sensuous Womanwas written about this time...


She helps me take off my coat and hat...

I know my sensuous woman's where it's at...


To look into her hard brown eyes,

You know she's young, but worldly wise

And those things she whispers in your ear

Are little more than lies...


You know it's an act, but somehow you don't care,

You've got a warm sensuous woman lying there...


Then, when you're coming back from Heaven,

You turn to where she lies

And see that hard sensuous woman

lying there with tears in her eyes...


Then you realize they're tears of remorse

For what is called a sin

And that they're tears of regret

for what it might have been...


            Karl Stuart Kline

Yep!  Still me!  (In Russia 32 years later.)
Now I'm trying to grow old gracefully with my green eyed lady!  ; )

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