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Obviously, we love our cats!  And they love us!

Scooter, a Bengal/Manx cross breed has tabby markings on top, spots underneath, a twitchy stub for a tail, and was Peggy's last birthday present.  Perhaps I should call her "Angel" since her favorite place is on my shoulders whenever I'm writing...  >^!!^<

Amira (Arabic for "Princess") is a promise kept!  Marina had a half breed white Turkish Angora in Russia that she adored, but lost to disease.  I promised "A Wonderful White cat Just for you!"  Little did I know that she would involve a search all around the country and that she would wind up being shipped specially from a cattery in Alabama!  Marina was extremely discriminating about the cat that she wanted.  But she was also a big help in finding and acquiring her.  She's made a wonderful addition to our family and we both love her very much!  >^.\/.^<

Shadow doesn't have a picture here yet, but he is a very large, spooky black cat with green eyes.  Totally black and with long fur, he looks like he's wearing a black Gilley Suit!  Sometimes trying to find him is like alligator hunting at night - You carry a lantern and look for the reflection of his eyes!  >^.=.^< 

For some more cat pictures, you can click on "More Cat Pictures" from this page only.

Now we have a picture of The Shadow and you can see how appropriate the name is!


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