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Cats everywhere!

Amira means "Princess" and I'd say that she's well named!

She's an odd eyed white Turkish Angora (one eye's gold and the other one is blue) - From what I've read, she's also a 'ringer' for Mohammed's cat Muezza...  The cat that legend says that he loved so dearly that he cut off the sleeve of his robe rather than wake her when he was called to prayer.

She's also a cat of many talents...  In the first row she's an editor, a cover girl and an office assistant!

In the second row, she's inspecting weapons of mass destruction.  You can see that her eyes also reflect different colors!
Of course she has to be in the middle of whatever is going on and she loves boxes, so she combined two of her favorite things! 

She's accustomed to being the baby in the house...  Who is this?
I keep a couple of barstools in my den as "Princess Seats" and here they're both occupied!
Scooter is a Manx/Bengal mix who's very printer friendly!
Below, from top left;
1. Scooter loves to perch on the back of my desk chair while I'm writing -
2. Just my size!
3. A work of art!
4. How many cats do you see here?
5. The eyes have it!
6. Daddy's Home!

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