Hamster Terrific!

A Russian wife and Siberian hamsters...

Attack Hamster!

Lemme outta here!

Once I rip these bars apart, you're mincemeat, Cat!

Now if you can flip through these stop action images quickly enough, you will have what seems to be a video of a hamster exercising on her wheel!

They say that if you marry a foreign wife, then you open your door to all her distant relatives!!!

In my case, it's my lovely Russian wife and her dwarf Siberian hamsters!  That's okay...  compared with most relatives, they don't eat much!  (Cuteness helps!)


One of Marina's gifts for her recent birthday was a pied dwarf Campbell's Hamster.  Fortunately, I had his health guaranteed in writing before I left the pet shop where I had found him.  It turned out that he was drinking and passing inordinate amounts of water, a probable sign of diabetes, particularly in the Campbell's.

Though we were already fond of him, we reluctantly returned him to the shop where I had purchased him.
We might or might not allow our hamsters to breed, but if we do we don't want any preventable congenital defects.

After returning him, we went to another store where my wife had found some Roborovsky's Hamsters for sale.
The smallest of the dwarf hamsters (only 1 +1/2 to 2 inches long!) they are none the less a healthy breed and we have not found any references to any congenital defects that they might be prone to.

So now, instead of having a new baby for her birthday, Marina has two!  (Twins!)

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