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Until recently we had three cats, but Shadow has passed away...

Huge and fearsome looking with his shaggy black coat, he was actually a very shy baby who had evidently been mistreated as a kitten.  He always gave strangers a wide berth, but at home he was always very loving member of the family.  Over the first ten years of his life he shared my life with Peggy and approximately 300 birds and was always a comforting presence in the house after she had been taken from us by breast cancer in 1997.

Scooter and Amira are both with us still.

As a kitten, Scooter was Peggy's last birthday present.  She is a Manx - Bengal mix with tabby markings on top, spots underneath and a twitchy stub of a tail.

Amira is a promise kept.  I had promised my new wife "a wonderful white cat, just for you!"  Our beautiful odd eyed white Turkish Angora was the result.
But cats have their own ideas as to where they belong, so the two of them have become my constant companions whenever I am home.  Especially any time that I am working in the den - any time they think that I am gone too long, they will actually come looking for me to bring me back!

Scooter can sleep just about anywhere!

Mama loves her babies! - Amira loves tables! -   Black Shadow!



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