Hand Raising Cockatiels

Hand feeding and showing birds

Scat Cat Aviaries!
For several years Peggy and I raised and showed birds... 
She and the birds may be gone, but I still have a room full of trophies, plaques, rosettes, medallions and ribbons to show for it.  I've also got a lot of memories and some stories to tell.
We learned as we went and eventually went to shows all around the country, including the National Cage Bird Show where our birds aced an entire section!
We were active in both local and national organizations - I'm a past vice president for the National Finch Society, a past president of the Greater Miami Avicultural Society and was a contributing editor for the Canary and Finch Journal out of Puyallup, Washington, as well as chairing a number of local shows.
SCAT CAT AVIARIES was the name of our business and we had as many as three hundred birds of all kinds at one time!
However,there was a beginning to all that and we learned a lot of the basics when we were hand raising cockatiels...

AND we always had cats!

Karl Stuart Kline

Newly Hatched!

The tiniest babies!  Aren't they beautiful?  ; )

Hand feeding...
These hands used to wrangle steers! (This is tougher!)

Now, these are the 'tween agers!

"Looking Pretty", "Feed Me!" and "Pumping Cotton!"

"I don't do dishes!", "Duet!", "Please, Mama?"
Beauty & the Beast!  (Scruffy, with an attitude!)
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