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Poetry that appeals to people who think that they don't like poetry!
Excerpts from all three of my books as well as some new works can be found at !

New! (Sept. 14, 2007)
Leicester Review of Books has published my bio and this is the link:

Karl Stuart Kline, author of ‘Poison Pearls’


Please, do me the courtesy of recognizing the fact that I am an excellent writer who is developing a following in a difficult genre.

Besides being a poet, I have worked as an artist, photographer, proofreader (pre spell check!), bindery foreman and editor.  (Believe me - THAT's the short list!)

My participation in the production of these books has been very hands on and the peculiarities of publishers or editors have become irrelevant in view of the fact that first last and always, these books had to meet my own standards.

Not only am I the author, but I am the final editor and these books finally went to press with my approval.  I also did the basic cover designs that you see and approve wholeheartedly of how the art department finalized  those designs.

Karl Stuart Kline is one of the best authors available under the Publish America imprint and has been one of their authors designated as a "Featured Author."  His books are also some of those that are available from them on a returnable basis.

His uniquely effective blend of prose, poetry and story telling abilities has produced two books that pull the reader along with them as they relate modern real life tragedies in first person verse, making the reader a part of the stories that they tell.  That evaluation is reinforced by Expository Magazine's review of his first book, Poison Pearls, where the first paragraph is as follows:

"Poison Pearls is a vivid mix of poetry and prose about slavery, forced labor and prostitution.  In this collection of poetry, Kline masterfully conveys the hopelessness and desperation that must be felt by so many women and children who are forced into slavery and prostitution around the world."

Victoria Smith, editor in chief of Expository Magazine, was the author of the review.


Poison Pearls (ISBN 1-4137-1502-8) is his first book and is still available in it's first edition imprint.

Karl's web site, is a continuation of the use of the power of poetry in the fight with Human Trafficking that began with this book.  Since it's inception, the web site has attracted thousands of readers from over a hundred countries!


Going Without Peggy (ISBN 1-4137-7178-5) 
Accepted in two categories for the 2006 Pulitzer Prize competition.
(As a book of verse and as a biography.)  A VERY special book!


Brain Stemmed Roses is here! (Yay!)

Brand New!  I just got my author's copies Friday afternoon!  (Do a little dance, Make a little love, be mine tonight!  Party!)

I have a separate page dedicated to my new book, so please feel welcome to visit!


8/18/2007 -

Since my last book came out, I've been putting most of my efforts into my web sites and it's true what they say...  That the quality of your writing makes a real difference where the search engines are concerned!
I've had thousands of visitors from over a hundred countries!  Of course if you're reading this, you've found my site.  If you're interested in a trip around the world that includes every continent except antarctica, then visit my 7-7-7 page on my
www.scaredsafe.orgweb site!

Many of my page and poem titles come up in the first couple of pages - particularly with the MSN search engine - even though the number of possibles for those words can run into the millions! 

I've recently been getting higher rankings on Google as well - so much so that a generic search of the phrase "rape for hire" - no quotes necessary - has found my poem/page title of that name on the first page of results from both Google and MSN Search...  #1, to be precise!  Out of hundreds of thousands or even millions of possibilities!

There are also several poems excerpted from each of my books and posted at  I've also included several other poems that are not to be found anywhere except on my web sites. 

Of course, I've made sure that much of my best and most important work is still found only in my books! 

Come see for yourself! 


Karl Stuart Kline

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