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July 4th, 2006:
Three books in three years!
I think that I'm alloweed a little pride in my accomplishment!  (SMILE!) ; ) 
Poems excerpted from all three of my books can be found on the poetry archive,

The photographs above include my three book covers, a group photo of my three books in my den together with some gifts from my publisher.

The Atlantic Sun was my college paper at
FloridaAtlanticUniversity and that's my art... 
Front Page & above the fold!

The last picture is the author when he worked as bindery foreman for 
 Social Issues Resources Series, Inc. (SIRS, Inc.)

The '66 Honda Dream is a work of art also...  I totally rebuilt it! 

The ad was designed for the New York Times, but was never run.
It made no sense to be the only one paying for it when I wasn't the only one profiting by it...

Even in Russia!  Always writing, always coffee and always cats!


Poetry -
with depth and an edge!

From the Heart and Mind
Karl Stuart Kline!

Poetry that's good for people who think that they don't like poetry!

All three of my books are currently available through most online book outlets or they can be ordered from your book store. 
They can also be ordered directly from my publisher at a discount. 

 These links can take you directly to a synopsis of the book of your choice.

Poison Pearls...

Going Without Peggy...

Brain Stemmed Roses...

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