Going Without Peggy

Epilepsy brought us together,

Deadly Cancer ripped us apart

And though I'm no longer with her,

She will always be in my heart

You can't get much more "about us" than when you have an autobiography published!

The release date is to be June 18th, 2005.  As of April 23, my publisher is accepting prerelease orders via their on site bookstore at www.PublishAmerica.com/books/8958 

It has also only just become available through Amazon and other sites on the Internet.

In the context of my life, the part of it that I shared with Peggy thus far is only one part in three, but it is  the most important part.

In this book things such as former lives, predestination, Karma, premonition and the spiritual experience of touching and being touched by the other side are related from the viewpoint of a man who normally ingests such tales with an extremely large grain of salt.  However, despite whatever other beliefs that I might or might not have, I will always believe in Peggy. 

Here is the text from the back cover:

Epilepsy, a mutual disability since childhood, was the unlikely catalyst that engendered a lifelong romance.  A mutual understanding and commitment that amazed other people even twenty years after we had first met and led to our elopement against her parents' wishes.  A seventeen year honeymoon that made the hard times and heavy loads easy to bear, knowing that we had all we needed as long as we had each other.

Then there was breast cancer, a drawn out and hard fought illness that we couldn't defeat, facing Death at the end just as we had faced life -- together and hand in hand.

Romance, devotion, disability, death, depression, bereavement and recovery...

all words that oversimplify and understate the struggles and physical realities that are all part of what may be seen in retrospect as one of the greatest love stories of our time.  A love story that is ongoing and reflects the undying devotion of her surviving husband.

Peggy always believed that we were reunited lovers from a former lifetime and that "Greensleeves" was our song.  perhaps we will be reunited and "Lost lovers will be lovers again."

Prose and poetry come together in this volume to tell a story of love like no other.


3/17/06  Happy Saint Patrick's Day to ye!

Peg O' My Heart is always close to me and this was always one of our special days...  She was the first of her parent's three daughters and each one of them was named after a different Irish song!  (Peggy, Kathleen and Lucille!)

Since I first started this web page about a year ago, events have turned in such a manner that Going Without Peggy is now entered in the Pulitzer Prize competition in two categories -- both as verse and as a biographical work.

The only people who could say if it has a chance are going to stay mum until a month from today, when they will announce the winners and finalists for the 2006 Pulitzer Prizes.

Frankly, if it didn't have a chance, it wouldn't be in there going up against America's best and brightest writers!  I am happy to say that I've had a lot of people tell me that it's good enough that my competition should worry more about me than I should worry about them!  Unfortunately, they're not on the judge's panel that makes that ultimate decision...  So we wait!

Meanwhile, I just got my publisher's advance for my next book, Brain Stemmed Roses, which will probably be coming out in just a couple of months.

Karl Stuart Kline >^.\/.^<

5/3/06 update...
No, no Pulitzer this year... ; )  But it's been great just to know that I did something special enough to be seriously considered in the competition!  As anyone who has read it already knows,
Going Without Peggy is a very special book under any circumstances!  

12/14/2006 - If you go to www.poemhunter.com/karl-stuart-kline you will find several of my poems excerpted from Going Without Peggy as well as several others from Poison Pearls and Brain Stemmed Roses.  You might even find a few that haven't been published in book form yet!  <GRIN!>  There are some from www.scaredsafe.org as well and you see for yourself what makes my books worthwhile - even exceptional!  Certainly controversial!!!

The links below are available if you are interested in acquiring your own copies of my books at a discount directly from my publisher...

For Poison Pearls, click on www.publishamerica.com/books/4092

For Going Without Peggy, click on www.publishamerica.com/books/8958 

For Brain Stemmed Roses, click onwww.publishamerica.com/books/14297  

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