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These are Riot Police in Kiev during the Orange Revolution.  These guys had to be wondering if they were on the right side of the barricades! 


This was cropped from a larger picture sent to me by my Ukrainian friend, Wolodymyr (Vlad) Ivanov.
Vlad is a very talented sculptor who learned his craft in the old USSR.  His medium is steel and he uses different grades of steel to achieve different visual effects.  He has a particular fondness for mythological themes such as we are familiar with from ancient Greece.  He loves horses and Dragons and does some wonderful renditions of them.  A particularly special project for him was when he sculpted the dragons that adorn the gates to Anne McCaffrey's estate in Ireland, Dragonhold-Underhill.

Vlad is also the sculptor who took the inspiration for his masterwork, Orpheus and Eurydice, from my poetry that you find in Going Without Peggy. 

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08/21/2007 - Here's a link to Vlad's web site - you can see some of his great work in the gallery there, including some of those that he did for me!

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