The Poet has a Past... 
And a Future!

Especially in relation to the human rights abuses of
women and children caught up in Human trafficking
With three books to his credit, Karl has recently been
working on his Internet presence,
looking to the proliferation and preservation of his work,

The Poet has a past...  and a future!

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Happy Next Year! 2018


2018 is almost here

We’ve all made it through another year!

What was new has become history,

But the future’s still a mystery.

Be it good or bad, it’s almost here
And I wish all a happy new year!



And then there were three!

Brain Stemmed Roses!

Leicester Review of Books has published a bio of Karl Stuart Kline...

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Karl Stuart Kline, author of ‘Poison Pearls’


Nov. 24, 2007 -
Also there is now an interview available, done by Ambrose Musiyiwa, an expatriate journalist from Zimbabwe, now residing in England.
The link:



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